Thursday, 6 August 2009

Post Global Arts Village ...

Out of the beautiful surroundings and thrown into Delhi and its delights!! all settled in and pushing through with our work!!
Decided instead of weaving my little arms off!! that i would use the highly talented Indian weavers to produce my woven cloth!! so found a weaving colony and after long chats and warping debates, finally came to an agreement that they could make up my warp!!!YAY!!
So going back next week to sample with them and hopefully create the Shared Talent Indian Bespoke Tartan, multi functional, emotionally durable piece of organic cotton and tussar silk cloth!!(ohh what a mouthful!!)
So having a bit more of a relaxing time, visited the Taj Mahal with our friends favourite quote of - "No one has ever loved me that much" as it was built to signify the love from a man to his passed away wife!!! Shazia you make us laugh!!
And this weekend to check out Jodhpur and Jaipur the Blue and Pink cities, for the arts or Rajastan and all its delights too!!!
Im afraid i cant put up the photos. the indian computers are a little too slow!!! but will up date you all when im back!!!
Hope your all well and will let you know more gossip soon!!!