Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wow just found these eco products and thought the colours were so great and structures so bold, they really inspire me to research more into functional and simple contemporary design!!

Fashioning an ethical industry events ...

2nd - 3rd of March held the F.E.I. Fast Forward conference at the Rich Mix in London.
It was a great conference, hearing from lots of different and inspiring people from all different areas of sustainable and ethical fashion. Its amazing to know how many people are so passionate about making the garment industry better, thinking and taking into account all aspects and how we can make the production etc better for the people involved.
The 2nd day of the conference was an open discussion  which was great to talk to strangers from different background brought together to discuss different areas of work they are in. I joining in with a chat about education which was really interesting, hearing all about how tutors can influence their students into thinking where and how their clothing is made. which is the first steps in them using their skills and fashion knowledge to inform their friends and determine their decisions when they are working in the industry later on. 
However I did perk up and talk about what students should do when they leave. I understand it is not their responsibility to put us into employment, but a little help would be nice, or steering us in the right direction and teaching us skills that will be useful in the industry we would like to get into.
Though I think that its amazing that tutors are taking on the responsibility towards sustainable design at the moment. and look forward to more conference like that as it just gets my brain ticking with more that I could be doing!!!