Wednesday, 12 May 2010


The quilt exhibition at the V&A is a definate must go and see. When you say quilt you think your nans old blankets, but what was on show was a collection from the ages of all different types of quilts. The work and intricate stitch work that went into all pieces was beautiful!! and the progression into the modern day pieces was a great contrast between the ages. It made me want to start stiching all my clothes after I saw the show, and makes me appreciate all the quilts and stitch work i see out and about now!! so many more design ideas can be taken from the show and think that will inspire more designers all over the world!! Go see it you wont be disappointed!! xx

New ideas ....

Well all has been going a little crazy over the last couple of months ... with the exciting ideas of starting a new company with fellow Chelsea graduate Banke Kuku. After helping with the set up and weaving of her first scarf collection. We decided with the demand and sure beautifulness of the pieces that we made, we thought we could make something really big with these ideas.
Obviously I would love to bring as much sustainable ideas into this business venture. So we would love to get get our pieces hand woven out in India all fair trade of course!!!
so am in the process of researching where to get things made etc, but there are so many great organisations helping people that we would love to be involved with!!
So next steps are designing, market research and finding funding and where to get the pieces made, so i will be posting up as i go along, and share with you some of the great gems of the weaving world I find!!!
watch this space!!