Saturday, 29 January 2011

Happy New Year to all, my blog has been pretty quiet over the last couple of months, busy working hard. Work at the moment is including Dashing Tweeds, and weaving for Holly Fulton for her exciting new chunky cloth collection, can't wait to see it at London Fashion week. I will post photos up soon, as think they are all very exclusive at the moment. Also been visiting Savile Row to meet all the tailors there. Have been helping out with photo shoots, and out sourcing all the Dashing Tweed cloth around the world, and helping with designs for their new jacquard and hand woven cloth coming out soon!

Impactt has been busy as ever, helping the world of ethical labour standards, and its great to see all the great work the team is doing all over the world.

Banke Kuku's scarf collection going well. The scarves should be arriving any day soon from India, so fingers crossed for the great launch for London Fashion Week as well. Photos again to follow soon, but don't want to ruin the un-veiling before all the press is out, and the look book is complete!! Will post the photos as soon as i have them!!

Take it easy and will be in touch soon!