Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Runway Showroom

Also working in the runway showroom now, this is based up in Camden. A great showroom showcasing new designers within men’s and womens wear. Great to see the diversity of what is being produced at the moment, where they get it produced, and how much things cost when your making this in smaller runs etc. Going from internship to paid work has kept me afloat, but great to learn the ropes and then get on with my own things when I can. Also its teaching me so much about how I should go about starting my own work, and learning from other peoples mistakes and best selling points. So have been researching new designers, buyers and learning how to run a shop at the same time, again all great experience and improving my skills within even more areas of the industry.

So that’s me for the mean time, all that I have been doing and will be better at keeping my blog up to date with my designs what’s coming up and more that I learn etc, with more photos, galleries I visit or more comments about talks I go to?

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