Thursday, 18 February 2010

updates from the past couple of months...

Placements work updates…

So… it has been a while again since I have been on here, so wanted to update you all on what I have been doing learning and experiencing.

After returning from India, in mad confusion of trying to find jobs, which we all know aren’t out there… I then decided that thee best thing to do was jump into the pool or work placements, learn as much from different areas of the industry. To work out where I want go and what I want to do!

So first stop Brighton! I started a placement for a company called Ciel – which I was inspired to contact after their beaming record of sustainable production, involvement with the soil association, and ethical work done in Peru. But the glamorous shades of the fashion industry were quickly removed when I was thrown into packing up boxes for the recent delivery of garments that had to be shipped all over the world. Learning so much about the struggle with lead times, how the invoicing worked, and a general over view of how the company works etc. Had some creative work as well, which included trying to design mailers and parts of the promotional work on the website which was fun, and good to see different peoples ways of working. I was there for approx 3 weeks, but decided that maybe this wasn’t the best place to gather more experience, as my passion for weave was kicking in, so decided to look for more placements to learn more within different areas of the industry.

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