Thursday, 18 February 2010

Work Placements

Other placements have included learning more about the interior woven textiles industry and helping Salt UK. I was called in to give an extra pair of hands as the owner of Salt UK was going to America and needed all the samples and portfolios ready, so that was where I came in. Was great to see the array of fabrics again they have developed over the last 10 years or so. Also learning how they do their finishing, what they use, and learning about how long this all takes. They jumping into more of the fashion and accessories industry I helped Margo Selby out in the production studio. This was a great set up, the shop on the ground floor and the production going on in the basement. I was helping with trimmings, pattern cutting, packing up boxes for orders etc. Again a great chance to see how a different company works, and how they do things. Also interesting to see and meet ore people in the same boat as me, all doing placements to learn more and fill up their C.V’s, but also a little bit sad as the majority of people working their were actually on placements, so all either not being paid or just the travel expenses, and this is how companies are running their production. I understand we are in a recession and that companies do not have the budget but the thoughts always go through our minds that … yes we are learning so much… but how can we keep doing this for so long and not be paid for it. I know we talk about the developing worlds and all the work done to help poverty and increase their minimum wages and work ethics etc, and I know this is in another league, but when you asking so many people to work for free to make your products you have to ask the question ……..

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